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AFull-stack developer from India



I'm a highly skilled full-stack developer with expertise in TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, and WebAssembly. I collaborate closely with clients to create efficient, scalable, and user-friendly solutions that solve real-world problems. As a quick learner, I stay up-to-date with the latest software development industry developments to offer innovative and effective solutions. I bring a unique combination of technical expertise, collaborative skills, and passion for innovation to each project, committed to delivering the highest-quality solutions that help businesses achieve their goals.
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I'm a proficient in working with the following technologies :


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Below are the projects that highlight my skills and knowledge in utilizing the latest technologies to tackle intricate problems. These projects serve as a demonstration of my proficiency in this area.


Full-stack devlopement


Template Master

A CLI tool to help other CLI tools and their users, basically a smart CLI tool. It makes running CLI commands more interactive and simplify them to NLP with help of AI.






A web platform that enables more interactive event management and planning. It uses chatGPT to offer suggestions for events to aid in better event planning.






An easy-to-use software that allows users to create and interact with their blogs and get the code for their blog apps on GitHub and host them securely in few steps.






A web platform where users can make purchases of items and also be a provider to provide items with global coverage and well built user and admin dashboards.






Universal IDE

A easy-to-use Online IDE where you can run your codes, create projects, run projects and save them. Users can also solve competitive programming questions.





Go Development


Dev Bot

A slack bot that helps developers in asking better questions when interacting in the organization and answers basic technical questions to ease doubt clearing processes.





Rust Devlopment



A web platform that allows users to manipulate image, apply transformation, cartoonify, and many other functionalities without any delay and quality reduction.






An easy-to-use web platform where users can send and receive emails over web3 network with decryption at extreme secrecy with hexa decoding and less delay.






Lead Me

A simple tool made to comfort users in bookmarking and leading them to most visited urls with quick call in browser. It is easy to modify as per requirements.





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